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Does this version have facebook compatibility??... BlackBerry News forum

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    Does this version have facebook compatibility??

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    I dl it on my Tour running 5.0 and beejive is telling me that my storm is not too funny! Can't even open the icon. Guess I will have to downgrade my os to see if it will work. Anyone having the same problem?

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    If you read the OP's link BeeJive specifically says:

    "This beta is NOT for the Storm - a new Storm build is coming soon. This beta is also not supported on devices with OS's below 4.2.1 or the 5.0 beta OS."

    The comments listed on that same site is helpful as well. People are experiencing a lot of the same issues it seems with this beta.
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    Here is the problem i am having.. i dl two days ago. i have 9000 running os 4.6.293 and it conflicts with my berrybuzz. i get a phantom orange flashing light each time i recieve a new message. I have the setting for a white light flash. and it will flash once or twice the white (or selected color) then after that it starts flashing orange. even if i go in and read and reply to the message. and get this, the only way i can get the orange flashing to stop, to go into my sms and then exit out. that stops the flashing. has anyone else had this happen? I have tried a reboot and i have tried signing out/in again and i have all of my repeat notifications disabled in my profiles. I'm completely stumped.
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