AccessKey IP, Inc.,TeknoCreations, a subsidiary of AKYI, today announced the introduction of eight (8) new TekCase products. The new product lines are for use with the ubiquitous Blackberry line of smartphones, one of the most successful business phone manufacturers in the world. Users will soon have access to either the TekCase for Blackberry or the InCharge TekCase for Blackberry utilizing our patent pending inductive charging solution. The first models for development include the Curve, Bold, Storm and Tour.

Craig Erickson, VP of Technology for TeknoCreations describes the new products:

"The TekCase for Blackberry will be utilizing TeknoCreations lithium polymer technology in a supple lambskin leather two-piece case that will both surround and protect the Blackberry and more than double its battery operational time. The TekCase line comes equipped with removable belt clips and a USB AC adaptor to allow users to charge other USB devices without the inconvenience of carrying additional cumbersome power supply units. The technology is designed with protective charging circuitry that monitors temperature, short circuiting andovercharging. Both lightweight and attractive, the TekCase for Blackberry will allow users to keep their phones safely protected within their TekCases while charging or synchronizing.

The InCharge TekCase for Blackberry is a new extension of the InCharge product line. It provides the convenience of contactless and cable free inductive charging without the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging cables. As with all TekCases, fine high-quality lambskin is used with all models. There is no need to remove the Blackberry from the TekCase as synchronization is done while in the case. The TekCase comes with two auto-aligning inductive bases. Simply place your Blackberry in the InCharge TekCase and place it onto the Auto-Aligning Inductive Base (AAIB) and your Blackberry will begin charging. The gel pad-footed AAIB assures your Blackberry will securely rest on any surface without the worry of slippage. The unit is designed for both personal and professional use so keeping one at home and one at work, you will never have to untangle cables or search for the right charger. The TekCase is ready to go out of the box, no complicated setup is required. High performance inductive designs handle the charge rates of the Blackberry efficiently and without the need for contacts or connector cables. The slim inductive design is extremely lightweight and attractive."

Bruce Palmer, company President stated, "Our business plan has always been to enhance the consumer's experience with their favorite electronics product while at the same time expanding on our product lines to provide problem-solving solutions for popular high-tech devices. Beginning with these popular models, we will continue to expand our product lines to make our offerings attractive to retailers and of course consumers. Product availability will be based on yet-to-be announced partnerships, strategic alliances and license agreements currently under negotiation."

Image shown is the TekCase for the Nintendo DS lite