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Originally Posted by walkiniceberg Hopefully this new bbm will be universally available for all bb's ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkiniceberg View Post
    Hopefully this new bbm will be universally available for all bb's although it probably won't be,It doesn't hurt to hope. It would be nice if RIM hooked us all up.
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    I doubt older devices will get it. We haven't even gotten an upgrade to include the extra smilies the newer devices have now. I don't think the memory on the older devices can handle the extra resource hogging that the new version of BBM will have. That's my thinking anyway...
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    if you have a BB 8330 will you be able to update to the new messenger? I want the new 8900 but I am with Sprint and they do not offer it yet. I have had my BB for almost a year now and I am still learning what it can do. I just learned about the symbols for the BB messenger if that tells you anything.

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    Hi Carol!

    Welcome to PinStack! You've come to the right place for all your questions.

    Kinda sounds as though this new version of BBM will not be available on older devices/operating systems, so to answer your question, it won't be available for the 8330. I'm in the same boat with an 8310, so am bummed, but hopefully I will have one of the new devices by the end of the year, which will support this new BBM!


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    Can't wait for the new BBM... looks awesome and more like social networking tool... curious about this proximity thing too..."hey you with the pearl flip and red shirt... how YOU doin ?? " lol

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    Has anyone get the link to this newest version??? Iam crazy about it... If you have it please share with me okayy..... Iam using javelin 8900 and BOLD.... Thank you very much
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