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Originally Posted by joemc27 I want this so bad. Come on TMO! I want it ... BlackBerry News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemc27 View Post
    I want this so bad. Come on TMO!
    I want it more! But I'm in Canada so who knows when it will get here

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    Quote Originally Posted by smooth10 View Post
    I want it more! But I'm in Canada so who knows when it will get here
    Depends on how long it take the mail man to get through all that snow and ice.

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    You know what?
    I'm with everyone that just wants the OS to be fixed. Make this expensive piece of machinery run the the powerhouse it's meant to be. While all the new devices are sweet, and A new Storm 2 on Tmo would be in my pocket(if indeed it comes to tmo.we have a way of gettin screwed out of a lot of highly anticipated devices) I am very happy with my curve. I jus wanna go about my day with no stupid hourglass loops, or having the browser run uber slow and having the pages all distorted is no fun either.
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    I kept my Curve cause I figured I would get a Storm and have it unlocked for use with T Mobile. After all the issues, I decided to put it on hold. Looks like my patience may be paying off. I even decided to wait on getting the new 8900 so this better be coming to T Mobile! I don't care what other carrier has it as long as T Mobile has it!!
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    ask me
    A gsm/wifi storm?!?! Tmo maybe?? I hope so! A storm for tmo is the ONLY phone thatll make me leave my flip!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbn85 View Post
    Hope ATT gets it by the end of the year...3g please!!!!
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    Ya I agree I have both att and vzw and vzw's "3G" is att's EDGE weak but hey the storm was free for me no complaints I think since it has wifi and if u noticed it has black side keys which is awsome I think vzw screwed the phone up wanting a direct comp with the iphone was impatient and didn't work through all the bugs and on top of that caning all the o.s updates saying "its to buggy" while others say its real smooth so I can't wait for it to hit att a real carrier
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    So, are the specs for the Storm 2 significantly better than that of the original Storm? I'm debating on whether to commit adultery and jump onto the iPhone or to stay faithful.

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    From Engadget, here's some updated infomation for the new phone coming to Verizon:

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    Great. Ill be out of contract around then so ill be getting one. Got to love the one year contracts we have in Ireland
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    With WIFI support?

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