Verizon Wireless said on the eve of CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2008 that its customers now have more options to personalize their wireless experience with YouTones, a new customizable ringtone application provided by FunMobility. The
application maximizes the voice record features on certain mobile devices, giving customers the ability to customize their own content that can be listened to, shared, and enjoyed with others.

YouTones from FunMobility enables Verizon Wireless customers to easily create unique mobile audio media in the form of ringtones or audio messages by combining their own voices with pre-recorded, thematic YouTones performances. For example, customers record their voices, which are then transformed and blended into an original YouTone to sound like stadium sports announcers or birthday greetings, among other cool options. Customers with Get It Now-enabled phones can create individual YouTones for $2.49 each.

"Our wireless phones are becoming more and more a reflection of who we are, especially through what we listen to and put on them," said Ed Ruth, director of digital music at Verizon. "By giving customers the creative freedom to generate and share some of the audio content for their phones, we're bringing the Verizon Wireless mobile media experience to the next level of self-expression and personalization."

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