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    CTIA: Quicktate releases New App to Record and Transcribe any Phone Call

    Advertisement, subsidiary of 10-year-old, announced this morning the debut of, a new service that enables anyone anywhere to engage in a two person or multi-person phone conversation and have that call automatically recorded and transcribed.

    "Numerous meetings, interviews and conference calls take place every day without an efficient tool to document exactly what happened on that call…until now," says Quicktate CEO Lee Dorfman.

    Also see idictate:

    After 10 years as head of iDictate, Dorfman knows that there is a demand for such a service. While there are other companies that can record calls, Dorfman knows of no such service that seamlessly and automatically transcribes calls.

    A 500 word free trial is currently available, after which time users will be billed at a flat two-cents per word, with no monthly charge, no contract, and no sign up fees. The service is available in English and Spanish.

    Currently, users must activate the call from the website; however, in the near future the call may be initiated directly from the telephone. In either case, Dorfman warns, it is always advisable for all parties to acknowledge "on the record" that the call is being recorded. In fact, many states actually require this disclosure. Completed files are transcribed and returned via email, with short transcripts usually returned within just a few minutes.

    [Try it free!]

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    this looks interesting
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    Honestly I was wondering when there would be an app that does this. I've always thought it'd be useful. Too bad they charge for it like when cell phones first started coming out...

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    Wow, I knew they had to have something like this.

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    Very cool!

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    I'll like it a lot better when you can initiate the recording directly from the phone. Otherwise if I am at home near my computer there are a lot more inexpensive options available to me.

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    Wow, alot of people have been asking about something like this
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