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This occured a first time for me as I got a missed call / voicemail ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    VoiceMail Icon


    This occured a first time for me as I got a missed call / voicemail this evening. I deleted it from missed call log and phone call log. However, I noticed there is a VoiceMail icon on the homescreen that looks like a tape cassette.

    Since I'm deaf and am on the data plan only on my Sprint 8703e. How do I remove an icon of Voice Mail. I need your help/advise me how to remove an icon.

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    Re: VoiceMail Icon

    I can't help but I remember cp6169 talking about the same situation. I tried searching but only found your post. He may have mentioned it in a BB Messenger conversation. I bet he will check this had jump in when he gets on the stacks.

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    Re: VoiceMail Icon

    I think a lot of it depends on your provider. I forget the term for that "cassette" icon. There is a specific term for it. Apparently not all providers support this feature. Anyhow, I'm on Sprint and they do support it. The only way I can get rid of it is to actually go into my voicemail and "press 7" to delete that message. Once the VM is gone from there, the network removes my icon from my screen. That obviously isn't an option for you. Perhaps you'll need to get someone to take care of it for you. But, if you're on data only... there shouldn't even be a voicemail box should there?

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    My suggestion: contact your provider and let them know your situation.

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