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Hello all, I am new to this forum as well as to BB devices. I ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Variable snooze duration?


    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum as well as to BB devices. I just purchased a BB 8703e after previously using a Samsung i730 smartphone. One of the applications I most use is the Calendar and I am used to having the ability to select the amount of snooze time that I want once a reminder becomes active. When the reminder is displayed, I could choose to snooze for 5 minutes or maybe an hour or even a day. It appears that on the BB, you can only set a global snooze duration for all reminders in the Calendar and once the reminder is displayed, you can only select this choice. This is frustrating as I often need to set variable durations. Is it possible that I have missed something somewhere or am I stuck with this issue.

    It would seem to be a simple and useful feature to have as part of any calendar application and I don't know if there are ways to hack the BB or not. Also, is there a place to suggest feature requests directly to BB for future updates? Any information would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the Stacks Jastylr. While I don't believe you can change the snooze time on the run, you may want to check out this new app (still in development):

    I'm not sure if it has the function that you are looking for, but it appears to have many more options than the standard alarm.

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    jastylr, Welcome to PinStack.

    I just Select Open and change the time, if I really want it to snooze more than the preset time. Takes a little longer but it does work.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    ~via BB ( I also converted from a 4amsung smartphone and miss this feature. It was very handy and I'm surprised how much I miss it.

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