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    Question URGENT ENQ RE: Crashed 8707v


    My business associate based in Sweden, Stockholm carries a BB 8707v (According to him) and I use a BB 8100. I sent him a request from my Messenger. Apparently his model never came with BB Messenger. So he clicked on the link in my request. That appeared in his inbox.
    I have copied and pasted what was sent to him below.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: []
    Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 11:44 PM
    To: Orlando
    Subject: <$RemoveOnDelivery,SuppressSaveInSentItems>

    <$RemoveOnDelivery,SuppressSaveInSentItems> BLACKBERRYMESSENGERINVITESTAGE2

    smFDvJaperCHEsMTKwWI9ua213F5MI5uIabhLPG2Fe1akQQACQ t1HwAAAFA=

    Sent from my BlackBerryR wireless device

    He installed the messenger application and the BB restarted itself. When the phone turned on everything including his telephone contacts numbers, email adress and bb pin's got wiped off his BB.
    Somehow the BB sort of resetted itself and deleted everything including other applications that were loaded onto the mobiel (i.e. sounds, pics, etc)

    Does anyone know why this has happened and is there a way to retrieve all the info that was lost somehow?

    Your assistance is highly appreciated.


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    Re: URGENT ENQ RE: Crashed 8707v

    Sorry to hear this first of all. I just went thru the same thing a week and a half ago on my Pearl (personal use).

    Did he have everything backed up on Desktop Manager? Have him follow this path to open Desktop Manager

    Start>All Programs>BlackBerry>Desktop Manager>Backup And Restore>Backup. He should see "Backup (most recent date of backup)". This will contain all device info if it was backed up recently. If he sees this, he can just go back to Backup And Restore>Restore. Click on "Backup (most recent date of backup)" and OK. Let this run its course.

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