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Hi all, first of all Happy New Year Question: I have a 8707 BB using ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Question Unread Emails


    Hi all, first of all Happy New Year

    Question: I have a 8707 BB using BES. It synch ok everything seems to work ok, apart from one slightly anoying fact. Unread messages it does not show on the BB that the message have been read, even after I have opened in my outlook first. It synch's and updates every time but the message still show as unread on the BB !!!. I can physically plug the cable in or wireless, same result.
    Anyone any ideas what I might try, or have a solution?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Unread Emails


    I'm not an expert on BES reconciliation, but have one question. Do you have wireless sync turned on in your Messages Options?

    Additionall, it will really help us help you if you take the time to fill in your PinStack Profile with the information concerning your device, Model, OS and Platform (Found on Options/About), BES Status, Location, and Carrier. Depending on the question, each of these may have an impact on how we respond.

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    Re: Unread Emails

    newby, How long have you noticed this? I have found that if I open a file in Outlook and either move it to another folder or delete it then empty my deleted folder that it will never sync as being read on my BB. Could this be the case?

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