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Is it possible to unlock a cdma bb or just gsm, curious so I could ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    unlocking ?


    Is it possible to unlock a cdma bb or just gsm, curious so I could use the vzw net.. Please email me at pin has changed. No lap top to log on and change it so an email reply would much be appd!!
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    Re: unlocking ?

    Even if you unlock it, I believe that Verizon would not allow it on their network. I'm not sure but I believe that they refuse to allow any cell that is not branded and recognized as sold by them. And as a side note, I would not post my BB email address publicly in a forum like this. It is an open invitation to SPAM.

    hope this helps
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    Re: unlocking ?

    The other thing you have to remember is that verizon phones don't take sim cards. So unlocking them really doesn't do you any good.

    And it works the other way around. Unlocking a gsm phone won't enable it to be used on the verizon network becuase of the sim cards...

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