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    Treo vs Blackberry


    [FONT=Verdana]I recently switched from a Treo 650 to a Blackberry 8703e. I really like the functionality of the BB as compared to the Treo but I have one problem that is critical to solve for me to keep using the BB. With the Treo 650 I was able to purchase additional software (Key Suites by Chapura) which allowed me to synchronize multiple Outlook contacts folders, subfolders, and notes. I have two sets of contacts for two totally different businesses. Both are organized by catagories. However, I do not want to combine both of these sets of contacts into one in that I have several thousand contacts in each folder. I have contacted Chapura but they say that they do not have Key Suites available for the BB. I am willing to purchase additional software if I need to. I am using my office computer to sync and am not using enterprise software. Any ideas or suggestions?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! [/FONT]
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    Re: Treo vs Blackberry

    I am not sure if it's possible to keep them separate.

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    Re: Treo vs Blackberry

    You can sort by category on the BB. You can sync a second contacts folder but that's it and you lose wireless sync (if you had it) and IIRC the secondary folder is one-way. Check out the Intellisync settings in Desktop Manager.

    I don't know of any third party solutions.

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