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I have just bought an 8707g with a BIS service. I use the device as ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    I have just bought an 8707g with a BIS service. I use the device as a phone but am really struggling with the fact that I have no way of stopping email coming in when I am at my laptop using the same pop3 account. So email goes 2 both my BB and laptop requiring me ot do a clean up. I dont want turn my BB off/wireless off because I need to use it as a phone.
    I have set my Outlook email account so that it doesn't leave a copy of messages on the mail server and such that it syncronises every minute (ie should beat the blackberry to the email) - but the email still keeps coming.

    I also thought the 'phone only' profile meant that email would be blocked.

    I have had numerous calls with my ISP - but am now at a loss.

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    to be honest with you i know you can turn email off on the pearl but im not too sure about the 8707g i dont think you can turn the email off and just use it as a phone at certain times

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    Andrew Staal, Welcome to PinStack.

    With BIS, I don't think this is possible. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

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    On my Yahoo email account I have it set up so that the email deletes off my Yahoo account when I delete it on my BlackBerry. Saves me a lot of time, but I read the email on my BlackBerry first.

    Have you tried the email reconciliation options? Check those out and see if they can help.
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    But, Melissa, if you have your pop3 email forwarding to your blackberry email address, that 'trick' does not work when you delete items, correct?

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    the phone only profile means that you dont have the holster. it has nothing to do with receiving email...

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    Profiles are for alerts. They don't turn any data features off or on or do anything else for that matter.

    Turning wireless off does not disable email delivery. Email will queue up while wireless is off and as soon as you turn it on the email will flood in.

    Your best bet is to modify your filters to disable forwarding to the Blackberry when you don't want mail. However, if you need to turn mail delivery off and on a Blackberry probably isn't the best fit for your needs. There are better methods of handling this on BES, FWIW (you can disable email delivery when connected via USB or have reconciliation take care of deleting message on your handheld and in Outlook).

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