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Help a noob out please. I have had my BB a grand total of 2 ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Question Speed Dial Help


    Help a noob out please.

    I have had my BB a grand total of 2 days and love it so far (the email stability is awesome).

    I am trying to put my corporate voicemail on speed dial. The format for my voice mail is as follows:

    123-234-4567 Then press #1234 Then enter my PIN
    I set up my contact number as 1232344567 "Wait" #4517 "Wait" 1234

    When I speed dial the number, it brings up 1234 instead of #1234 at the first wait. How do I get it to dial the # symbol?


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    Re: Speed Dial Help

    Prowler69, Welcome to PinStack.

    I have mine set up similar, except I use a Pause instead of a Wait, and have a Pause between the # and the extension. Mine would be 123-234-4567 "pause" # "pause" 4517 "pause" 1234. It works just fine.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    Re: Speed Dial Help

    Welcome to pinstack Prowler69. Is everything good now? In my BB I have an option in the call log called smart dialing. It shows "To access office extensions..." Can you utilize that option, I have never tried.

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    Re: Speed Dial Help

    ~via BB ( click the wheel and select add wait or add pause from the menu - I use pause - it shows up as a black background p or w - note that these do not sync with your desktop so can only do on BB.

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