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Hi all, I'm loving the 8700, but I also need a viable phone--don't like the ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Somebody talk me into BT phonecalls...


    Hi all,

    I'm loving the 8700, but I also need a viable phone--don't like the calculator effect of using the bb although it's ok in the car; I am currently using a Cingular 2125 which is sexy but 1.Never gets sync'd because windoze crashes so much; too much hassle--2.hard to use with the thumb toggle--3. inefficient mac sync 4. dropped it often out of shirt pocket and it's dinged up pretty bad.

    In addition I *still* use pocket pc because there is a bunch of medical software blah blah blah I need on a daily basis (plus a database program I am using not available for BB: HanDbase).

    Anyway trying to avoid carrying all these devices but I just don't prefer walking around like a droid all the time with BT receiver on my head. Can't anyway in my job.

    Can anyone suggest an acceptible (small) BT solution and tell me how great it all is? Or should I just get a minimally functional phone since I'm duplicating services 3x with BB, PPC, 2125 and be quiet about it? Do I want too much?

    BTW BT in car used with Parrot works great but I'm not in car that much.

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    Re: Somebody talk me into BT phonecalls...

    I use a Jabra BT for phone calls.
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    Re: Somebody talk me into BT phonecalls...

    drjman, also check out the Blackberry Reviews forum for reviews of Bluetooth earpieces. Other places to get reviews for headsets are Larry Greenberg's Review site and Barjohn Reviews It.

    Hope this helps.
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