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Ok I need help (again! lol) I bought a "clear protector" for my bb its ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Ok I need help (again! lol) I bought a "clear protector" for my bb its a invisible armor for the screen. Im reading the directions and something doesnt make sense. Lets see if you can tell me what they mean. It is item #3.

    1. fill a medium size bowl with water and a little dish soap.
    2. Wash hands thoroughly.

    #3. Remove battery.

    What they want me to remove the battery from my bb? Why? Ok maybe it is because just in case water gets to the battery it will ruin it? That makes sense then. Am I correct with this result?

    Has anyone tried these shields?? Are they any good? Should I use them?


    Oh by the way I am now a premium user!!!! I cant wait until it takes effect so I can look further into the forums. Thanks alot for all your help in all my posts. This is a great site!!!

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    Re: screen protector

    ~via BB (
    Having put many of these on, here are the real directions.

    Turn unit off. This is because you can see bubbles and other imperfactions better with a black screen than with a backlit screen.

    Forget anout washing your hands unless you have motor oil or paint or whatever on them. Use common sense.

    Use rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth (make sure there is no excess rubbing alcohol on the cloth) and gently wipe the screen to get anything off the surface. This is just a quick wipe and the purpose is to get anything off the surface that might create a bubble.

    Wait a minute for any residual alcohol to dry.

    Put screen protector on and adjust as necessary.

    We used to use a squeege to press air bubbles out but stopped this practice because the screen covers slide around, lift off, etc. and this makes the qsueegeing a waste.

    Turn unit on and use it.

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