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Hey guys i need a lil help, when i set my ringer to loud it ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Ringer problems!!!


    Hey guys i need a lil help, when i set my ringer to loud it rings as if it were on low or medium. I've tried different profiles and evertime i set it to loud (and it does the loud ring to let me know ive selected loud) it rings medium or low when i have a phone call. Any suggestions???

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    Re: Ringer problems!!!

    Are you saying that when you set it to loud, and it gives the test ring that it is loud, but then gets lower whenit rings?

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    Re: Ringer problems!!!

    Hate to ask the obvious, but how many have you tried and are they embedded or downloaded?

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    Re: Ringer problems!!!

    This is a well-known issue. Upgrade your handheld OS or place a speakerphone call, turn the volume all the way up, and then end the call. It's a bug in the version of your 8700's OS.

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