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So I got my Blackberry 8700c like a week ago. I saw the bPhone theme ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Problem resetting Blackberry


    So I got my Blackberry 8700c like a week ago. I saw the bPhone theme and liked it, and did an OTA download of it to my phone, not realizing that it needed 4.2 at a minimum, I was at OS 4.1.
    Currently the phone is in a never ending loop of a black screen/red LED to an Hourglass
    I was advised to use the program "Jl_Cmder" to wipe it, but I have had no success. The computer dings when the hourglass is on the screen, to note a successful connect, but it will barely stay on for 20 seconds before the screen goes black and the computer dings that it is disconnected.

    I need it to stay connected for more than 20 seconds to wipe the thing!

    So, I need a way to get the phone back on and working. I need to get ANY OS back on to it, I don't care if it is 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, anything. I have no clue what files to download, but currently I just need to get the thing connected to wipe it clean so it is ready for files!

    When I get the apploader up, it asks for a ".axl" file, but is the OS a .axl?

    I need to get this thing working!

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