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A few months ago I aquired a 8700g from my dads office. It's a T ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    One problem after another


    A few months ago I aquired a 8700g from my dads office. It's a T mobile phone and plans were to have it unlocked so I could use it (cellone/dobson soon to be cingular/at&t) I had it a day and found this random website with a iPhone theme so I tried to download it and make it work on the BB. It froze it and renderd it unstable. I keep getting the hourglass screen and then it shuts off and does a constant cycle of this until it dies. I have a 7100t and just forgot about the 8700g until I found it while cleaning a few days ago. I plugged it into the wall to see if it would work but alas, no change. I found this website via google and tried the how to reinstall the OS when the computer wont recogonize the BB

    It works up until I need to download the handheld software. Apparently for t-mobile you have to have a t mobile phone number which I do not nor does my dad since his office switched to At&T (which is why I got a brand new BB for free) I have no idea what to do now. I'm downloading the java thing right now and hopefully I won't need the handheld software for that and can do this with no problem.

    Am I doing the right thing?

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    Re: One problem after another

    ~via BB (
    Dobson, NC? Sorry that I can't be of any help to your issue. Dobson caught my eye and is close to home. Good luck.

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    Re: One problem after another

    ~via BB ( I'm with the same company, which has already made the switch here. Just go to the old website and download handheld software from there. If you any more help let me know. Also I went the the ATT website last night and upgraded with no problem, I'm still with cell one.

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