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I started in BBs with a Pearl and decided on a whim to get a ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    New [to me] 8700g


    I started in BBs with a Pearl and decided on a whim to get a qwerty version that was still being offered but not brand new, so that led to me getting an unlocked 8700g on eBay.
    Coming under the heading of "Son, let that be a lesson to you" the seller didn't clear it and it had all sorts of s...tuff on it. I decided to spot clean [has an app I want to keep], so I voided out his password safe, contacts, appointments, etc., but the worst part [for him] were the sites in his browser cache. Eeeeewwww! Cleaned that and feel much better about the BB.
    Anyway, I love the size of the screen and the qwerty keyboard and it even gets better reception in my abode than the Pearl! Even thought the Pearl has more bells and whistles, I really like the 8700g because of the full keyboard and wider screen.
    Now, can someone think of a reason why I should sterilize, zip and reload the OS [it's running 4.2] that I have forgotten?

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    Re: New [to me] 8700g

    Good call on the 8700g Piggles! Off hand, I can't think of a need for you to wipe the device. That being said, I don't see how it could hurt either.

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    Re: New [to me] 8700g

    It never hurts to start clean. You never know if there was stuff on it that could be harmful or have a virus attached. I say start from scratch and reload the OS

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