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I purchased my 8703e used because I could not get a newer model thru my ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    I purchased my 8703e used because I could not get a newer model thru my carrier because of the contract. 2nd I did not want to spend 300 plus on ebay. after using my 8703e for a couple of months I love it! Am I missing something other then the camera and music. What would be the reason other then those and size?

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    I use a 8830 for the trackball goodness, other then that there's no diff from when i used an 8703, well size, the way it feels, looks lil nicerr too......imo

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    8730e is a workhorse. I've got dozens of users that thrash them but they just won't die. If you ever use a newer Blackberry that has a trackball then you'll want to upgrade. Enjoy you 8703e!
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    The 8703e is a very stable and dependable device. Mine has been dropped many times, had a bath and a sauna and keeps on working just fine. (I don't recommend you test yours this way) Only thing that may cause problems is the track wheel - dirt and wear may cause it to function inconsistently.
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    I liked that device a lot like everyone says it can take a beating and it works hard as heck.

    ONE BIG THING! On newer devices like the curve memory is less of an issue. Newer phones have more space, have media cards, auto delete, and show warning signs before a mem overload. On the 8703e I had issues with running out of memory. Once you run out of space on your phone there won't be enough memory for the OS to boot and you will just get a white screen with an hour glass. You will not be able to get it to boot to retrieve data and you will loose everything up untill your last backup. Sometimes this issue can be fixed by restoring your device with desktop software sometimes not. THE 8703e GIVES NO WARNING THAT YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF SPACE! So be careful not to install too many apps or themes. There is no way to accurately keep track of your remaining memory (lots of theories but most are bologna). Just don't go nuts with third party software.

    If you avoid over installing you will love this phone!
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    I too am a new 8703e owner.. so far so good. Traveling around on this community is a great resource. So thanks to you all in advance.

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