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in my job i email a lot of applications and other docs to customers. I ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Need Help with attachments


    in my job i email a lot of applications and other docs to customers. I tranferred the files to the memory, in both the pictures folder and ringtone folders but when i attach a file to email all it sees is the pictures. I guess I could rename the files to jpg but then I would have to ask the customer to rename them again and that seems silly. Any ideas?

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    Re: Need Help with attachments

    ~via BB ( have you tested RDM+ FROM SHAPE SERVICES? I use it for stuff like this. I login to my work machine from where ever I am and send an email (with or without attachments) just like normal. It takes some getting used to, but it's pretty slick. (It's also great if your not supposed to be out of the office but you have to reply to an email. You can login to your work machine and it will be sent in the same format as it does when you're in the office)

    Just a thought.

    I've not had any good luck with sending attachments. I can grab and download via RDM+ too, but I can't sebd the attachment because most are too large. I think there's a significant size limitation to keep youe inbox "light".

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