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Hi all, I'm a rookie BB user. I have a 8703e and one of the ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Need advice on browser issue.


    Hi all,
    I'm a rookie BB user. I have a 8703e and one of the sites I need to check once a day is my home e-mail (webmail) at . When I log in it gives me a message that says "this site contains frames. Choose the frame you are interested in and click to load that frame.". Then I have several choices of frames to choose from. I have tried loaded every one in the list but the browser sort of locks up and won't work beyond that point.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Need advice on browser issue.

    Gary, you may want to try the Opera Mini browser:

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    Re: Need advice on browser issue.

    ~via BB (, I have a similar web site that I use all the time. For that site, before I go into the site, I have to click the wheel, go to Options, go to Browser Configuration, and make sure all those boxes down the left side are checked (space bar), all but the "Allow JavaScript popups" one.

    Once these are all checked, I can go onto the site, but I still get the Frames messages like you do. I have learned which frames I want to click through to. This works for me because everything I need is contained within one frame. When I'm done with this website I go back to the Browser Configuration and uncheck everything. If you need to simultaneously interact with multiple frames then this won't work for you.

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    Post Re: Need advice on browser issue.

    I tried to install operamini on my 8700g using T-mobile and I got a message the browser was not supported. Got the same message for the Minuet browser I bought. I uninstalled Minuet and went back to the standard 8700g browser. I'm new to BB, switched from Pocket PC and have been over joyed with my BB. I can count on the BB and I finally have a tool that makes my life much easier.
    I am sure that my inability to set up the browser is most likely the big factor in not getting the alternate browser to work.
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Re: Need advice on browser issue.

    ~via BB (

    Debuell - nice name.

    Have you checked to see if your tcp settings are correct? Options*advanced options*tcp

    Try here:

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    Re: Need advice on browser issue.

    debuell, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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