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Ok, I have an 8700c. My company has setup (i guess) a group policy to ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Internet access question


    Ok, I have an 8700c. My company has setup (i guess) a group policy to remove the browser configuration. If I reinstall the device software, the default Cingular browser will be there for a few days, working, and eventually the icon will disappear.
    this is where it gets weird...I can install Opera Mini, and it works fine, and never goes away.

    So every other app (besides Opera) that tries to access the internet says "there is no browser configuration", or something to that affect.

    I can go into the app listings and it lists the browser (v4.2). If I go into browser configuration it just says "Default Browser Configuration:" and nothing else.

    How can Opera use the internet, but nothing else can? Is there anyway around this?

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    I believe...
    that everything trying to access the internet (through some sort of browser) is using the "default browser" and I don't think you can assign opera as your default so it will come up with nothing if the default browser is not there.

    I think that is right
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