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    Smile insert sim!


    I have just bought an 8700v on the internet but it is not seeing my sim card which works fine in my 7100v. It's not that it's not recognising it, it doesn't even see it and when I try to turn the wireless on I get the prompt "insert sim card".

    Does anyone have any ideas what's up.


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    Re: insert sim!

    Is it the same carrier? I have Tmo, and without unlocking the phone it would have to be a Tmo phone.

    Did you insert the SIM correctly? Try pulling it out and sticking it back in.
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    Re: insert sim!

    The 8707v will be locked to Vodafone (as they had exclusive rights to it for 3 months before anyone else), so unless you are using a Vodafone SIM it will not recognise it.

    I assume the 7100v is also Vodafone though? in which case sounds like a duff 8707v!

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    Re: insert sim!

    dpx, do you happen to have another sim you could borrow from a friend to test? Even if it was locked, it should still bring up a message on the screen asking for a code of some sort...

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