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if you hate surfing on the phone then tether it to your laptop and use ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    if you hate surfing on the phone then tether it to your laptop and use it that way. much better than paying 15 bucks at an airport. and try accuweather website for weather. it works great. i mean if you want some kind of interactive app for the BB for that and it is so important to you switch to the iPhone they have what you want but you will lose us in the process and your freedom. the screen is what you get. this phone was not meant to be used as the Web browser for the every day browsing thats why god created laptops with cell phone cards in them. if you drop the Data then it becomes an old school Palm pilot with color and a phone (loosing 50% of its functionality).

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    make sure browser emulation is set to something handheld (blackberry, or pocketIE) go to google. scroll down to "add weather " once you get that all set, make that your home page (hit o for options when not in a text entry box). I dont know how current is, but its the same you would get from a PC looking at google...

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    weatherbug had a free app that put an icon on your screen, i think it had the temp - then it routed you to thier website for more info. I deleted it.... I thought I found it on here.

    here it is -
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