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Followup comment: There is also an option (c). If you are familiar with handling Outlook ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Followup comment:

    There is also an option (c). If you are familiar with handling Outlook PST files, you could copy your home PST file to your workplace (on a memory stick say), and then import all your personal contacts and calendar etc into your work Outlook. Then simply sync your BB _only_ with your workplace profile. In other words, both your personal and your work contacts, appointments etc will be on your workplace Outlook, and you abandon your home Outlook (apart from for sending/receiving emails). You may consider that this is acceptable, since you will always have both your work and personal data synced and up to date. The downsides of this are of course that (i) all of your personal stuff will be visible to everyone at work - but you may not care about this - and it probably would have been anyway when syncing 2 computers - unless you applied filters on your home Outlook data, (ii) it is a bit slow and awkward to enter new personal appointments and contacts on the Blackberry, when away from the workplace... and most annoyingly (iii) your home Outlook Contacts will become increasingly out of date, and you may need to start manually re-typing email addresses from the BB into your home email messages, in order to be sure that it is the most up to date address.

    I hope that this is clear - it's all very complicated isn't it!!
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