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Hi there... I am a total newbie on the BlackBerry-thing. Have been using smartphones for ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    How to get BB 8700v airborne...


    Hi there... I am a total newbie on the BlackBerry-thing. Have been using smartphones for ages, but have seen the BB-wonder-babies every time I have been travelling... This is why I bought one.

    BUT... I am a danish citizen, and to live in Denmark, AND... in DK only once carrier is offering BB, being TDC (in coorporation with Vodafone). Furthermore, they do not offer the BB service to private BB users, only corporate accounts

    I have signed up with a BES hosted server (so I think its called)... Also I have tried to find out, if there would be a way to sign a service plan abroad. But I will be killed in roaming fees.

    So, now I sit here with my unlocked 8700v and a serviceplan from Sonofon, can call and SMS, but no way to do the Enterprise Activation (I guess)...

    Anyone having suggestions how to/if to... should I skip it again? Any chance to use the BB as a "normal" smartphone like I use my Nokia E61???

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    Re: How to get BB 8700v airborne...

    Sorry to be the bad news bringer but if you wanna use all the function from the BB itself you would need a BB data plan since an ordinary data plan won't work.
    If it's a personal BB I would also consider getting a BIS instead of a BES

    Hope this helps

    BTW Welcome to the stacks
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
    UNLESS it is for a BETA OS, it's at your own risk and I won't support it

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