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Yesterday my 8700 freaked out giving me an error that I didn't have a valid ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Generic SIM Card Question


    Yesterday my 8700 freaked out giving me an error that I didn't have a valid SIM card installed. After removing & reseating the SIM card, it began functioning again. Has anyone else seen this before? I have had this SIM card for about 3 years. Has anyone needed to have their sim card replaced?
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    Re: Generic SIM Card Question

    Constantly with Nextel I see this. I now work in a service center and I see this at least once a week. Sometimes the customer is not as fortunate and has to have the sim replaced, sometimes when we pull it then the problem is solved.

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    Re: Generic SIM Card Question

    Sometimes corrosion will build up on the contacts and cause a failure to correctly read data. Removing and reinstalling it will abraid the corrosion enough to make a good connection again. Also vibration or shock can cause misalignment and reseting it will do correct the problem. And sometimes a SIM just dies. You know that random Gamma Ray from outer space strikes one of the memory locations and the Checksum fails. At that point, time for a new SIM.


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    Re: Generic SIM Card Question

    Perhaps you already know this but it's worth a shot.

    Place the SIM card on a table, gold contacts face up.
    Use a PENCIL eraser and rub GENTLY. The contacts will get shiny as you remove the oxidation.

    Wipe it clean and re-install.

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    Re: Generic SIM Card Question

    ive tried all but cleaning contacts inside phone, also tried buying new sim and still have problem with "no service" every couple days on my 8800

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