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heya! i have an old question about freeware... i still find the lack of freeware ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    heya! i have an old question about freeware... i still find the lack of freeware on blackberry os quite disturbing. for instance, i want a world clock that displays times in a few cities on the same screen. but i have to pay $7 for that

    recently i found out that by installing the java something, i can convert midlets (.jar and .jad files) into .cod files and install a wider range of freeware on my bb.

    question: how do i do that? also, how do i install .cod files onto my bb?

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    Re: freeware

    I think there is a free world clock on, havent used it so dont know the quality.

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    Re: freeware

    One of the reasons you don't find a whole lot of freeware for the Blackberry is until recently the complete thrust of RIM's marketing has been to the Corporate user. This market is not known for being geeky. They use their tools and don't have a lot of time to play with developing applications. Others feel that if they spend time developing, integrating and testing an app then they deserve compensentation for the time spent. If you feel that $7.00 is too much for an app that does do what you want, develop one yourself.

    As to developing Apps for the BB, check out the BlackBerry Developers Site. You can find everything you need there.

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    Re: freeware

    I have over 100 apps that were completely free, so I think Blackberry is ahead of the game...

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    Re: freeware

    ~via BB ( head over to getjar and enter quickcode 1260 for a nice little worldclock :-)

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