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Hey All, My 8700g died on me last week . That is to say all ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Factory Reset


    Hey All,

    My 8700g died on me last week . That is to say all I get is an SOS signal anywhere I go. The sim is fine as I checked that in another mobile and have no problems .

    I have arranged for it to be resent back and get a replacement, however I want to make sure I wipe EVERYTHING off it before sending it back. Doing a reset via options doesnt erase all the data .. and I cannot intialise a remote wipe from my BES server as I cannot get a signal . SO my question is, how do I do a total factory reset on the device ??


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    Re: Factory Reset

    as far as i know, enter the wrong password 10 times - it will warn you - and then if you continue with the wrong password, it will wipe everything out....

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    Re: Factory Reset

    m0nk666, I thought the Wipe Handheld Command in the menu of Options/Security Options/General Settings deleted all user data. What data do you find remains after performing this Command?
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