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I have an 8703e, 4.1 software, running on BES/BIZ server with defult exception. I work ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Dumping Data


    I have an 8703e, 4.1 software, running on BES/BIZ server with defult exception. I work for Alltel as an ASM. I use the heck out of my phone pushing upwards of 10,000 text a month, 5,000 emails, 2,500 min of talk time, 20 min of internet surfing daily and god knows how many bbm though out a day.

    Well about a week ago it started to act up on me. It started by doing the hour glass spin a lot inbetween apps and such, but it was not bad to deal with. Then that stoped and I started to notice my bbm convo's would end for no reason. I had a few convo's that had 3 or more people in them and my end would should just my self and another, not the group. And my sms icon likes to not show up also.

    So then last night, I went to send a frwd a few emails and catch up on a few details for today before I went to bed and ALL of my email, bbm's and text were gone. Just wiped clean. Nothin...Even wiped out my saved file.

    Can anybody give me any ideas why this would happen? I do delete my messages every night, I have no more than say 300 email and say 300 text on my phone at any given point. So Im not really pushing the memory end of things.

    Please help....Thanks
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    Re: Dumping Data

    Have you tried a battery pull? RAM is a funny critter to work with. In normal day to day use it's not unusual for lots of random memory data to accumulate in the memory registers and not necessarily be assigned to any active application.

    Some things you might try if you haven't already are:

    1. From the home screen, hold the ALT button and then type LGLG to open the log. One of the menu options is to clear the log.

    2. From your email options (don't remember exactly where, but you can find it easily) you have the option to Purge (deleted items, etc).

    3. In the Security Options, under General, you can enable password protection. This means you'll have to use your password to unlock the device when it powers up or times out, but it also gives you access to Memory Cleaner. You can set it to clean memory whenever the divice is idle, or you can choose to have the app icon on the home screen, and you can clean memory from there.

    Let us know if these help or not. There's a lot of sharp BB minds on the forum.

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