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Whilst waiting for some spare parts to arrive to try and get a rather dead ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Did I get a good deal?


    Whilst waiting for some spare parts to arrive to try and get a rather dead looking 8100 up and running I spotted an 8700g available on a rather well know auction site.

    I haven't even seen one of these in the flesh, and have no idea if they are any good or how they compare to the 8100!? However I won the auction, and landed the device for £22 in full working order and good condition.

    My question comes in two parts...

    1] Am I going to like it?

    2] Did I get a good deal?

    Looking forward to some feedback from the 87xx community!



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    An 8700 is a step backwards from a pearl. On a bright note it has a full keypad. But there is no camera, and it won't double as an mp3 player. Also no memory card support on an 8700.

    Trying to remember - its been a long time sence I actually used my 8700. Think of it as a pre-multimeda BB.

    However if its a choice between no BB and an 8700, 8700 is deff better.
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    ~via BB ( it is a step back but I am currently using an 8700g and it a beast very durable phone and I know a few people that use it because they would rather have a trackwheel instead of the ball. But it is better than having no berry at all.

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    the 8700 was the cornerstone for Blackberry before they got into the multi-media market. You will like it, keep it for a solid backup when you get your Pearl going again

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