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Three weeks ago I posted No Thank You, 4.5 , where I said that I ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Continuing my OS Regression


    Three weeks ago I posted No Thank You, 4.5, where I said that I liked 4.2 better on my 8700g than 4.5. Well, now I've regressed further - I hunted up off of AT&T, installed it, and I am back in BlackBerry Heaven. It lacks the frills and the extras that many people require of handhelds these days (especially multimedia), so I'm not surprised if few (or no) people follow in my footsteps; but in the basic applications that make a BB a BB, the brass-tack PIM functions and useability, a tiny non-weighted down 4.1 works considerably faster than 4.2 or 4.5 on an 8700. Everything is instant. I'm forgetting what the hourglass even looks like - -

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    That is so true. Newer is not always better and at times less is more. A lot more. I'm presently using a Bold with DM 4.6 & OS

    Then I have a send laptop setup to sync with my 8310. With DM 4.2 without Roxio Media Mgr. & OS

    I have 3,500 contacts in Outlook.
    It syncs with the Bold in 6 minutes.
    It syncs with the Curve in 4 minutes.

    Since I don't put music on my BB & only the occaisional photo, those are wasted features. Thus the Curve is the winner in the cited category. Whereas the Bold is very nice but still slower.

    ~via BoldBerry (

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    I have been seriously considering this myself. I have an 8100 (2 years old this month) and an 8120 (purchased in May 2008) with the exact same OS ( Platform

    On the 8100 which for right now, I only use for texting, it seems much faster and doesn't have the hourglass. The 8120 however is much slower. I know I have a lot of apps on it and I keep having to remove apps to get the thing to run faster. I have a few games, 3 forum launchers, the stock RIM messengers, JiveTalk, and a few other apps and the 8120 can come to a snail's pace. I'm also wondering if it has to do with the following apps:

    Customer Center
    Customer Manaer
    Service Hotline
    XinJi Service Gude

    I have no need for these apps and the only way for me to get rid of them is to downgrade to 4.3 but if I do that, I lose access to MySpace.

    I might do the following to see if that helps the 8120 run a little faster:

    Delete all games off the 8120 and put them on the 8100 since no internet connection is required and free up memory there. The WiFi calling is great at home which the 8120 supports so I wouldn't want to lose that. This way I can keep 4.5 on both devices and have them run at max speed for their own uses.

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