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Hello, I'm new to Pinstack and I was wondering if anyone had any insight to ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Question Calendar Wireless Syncing


    Hello, I'm new to Pinstack and I was wondering if anyone had any insight to an issue I'm having.

    I have a Verizon 8703e which I purchased back in 11/2006, and I am using it with my companies BES server.

    Up until two days ago everything was working fine and all of a sudden, my wireless calendar syncing has gone haywire.

    I can no longer create new or update any calendar entries on my 8703e and have it automatically appear in Outlook/Entourage. However, if I create an appointment in Entourage/Outlook it'll show up on my 8703e no problem.

    Apparently calendar data syncs only one way now, but it was two-way a few days ago.

    I submitted a help ticket to my IT dept, but they're not always the fastest and getting a response to me, nor are they BES experts in the least.

    Could it be something wrong with my phone?

    Any insight helps, thanks!

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    Re: Calendar Wireless Syncing

    Hello need3d, welcome to pinstack. I know if you set up sync in desktop manager you have the option for which way you want it to go, sync, import or export.

    Maybe they have a setting as well that needs to be reset. This is just a suggestion, I personally dont have BES so just hoping it helps.

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    Re: Calendar Wireless Syncing

    Your Desktop CICAL service book may have become corrupt/wonky. You can delete it, and then plug your device into your computer with Desktop Manager installed, it should say "working" instead of connected. if it does not, regenerate a new encryption key manually. This should send the service book back down from the BES.

    If your not sure how to do this ..

    Delete the Desktop CICAL

    Go into Options > Advanced Options > Service Book > Desktop [CICAL] --- Click on it and say delete.

    Regenerate a new Encryption Key

    In DTM go into Email Settings > Security > Generate new encryption key manually.

    Let me know if that helps!

    EDIT: I originally said CMIME when it should be CICAL .. edited!!
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