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Hi All, After getting my bb hooked up to my office email address somthing drastic ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Hi All,

    After getting my bb hooked up to my office email address somthing drastic has changed.

    Before I use to hv a regualr internet browser & the WAP browser but after the upgrade I don't hv the WAP browser any more & my bb internet brower has a different icon. It has a little yellow lock around it??

    I am not able to use google maps, berry411 or the bb push services for weather.

    I can get most websites thru the browser but wen I try to use those apps it says "unable to connect".

    Any clues to wat is happening?


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    You said upgrade... did you change your OS or were you just referring to hooking to your office email?

    Is the full message you get "unable to connect"?

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    inc, are you saying you got your BB added to your company BES? If so you now have the MDS browser and most likely the Company BB Admins have pushed a policy the prohibits browsing using the WAP and Internet Browser. If this is the case, I would contact the BB admins and ask exactly what is prohibited by the IT policy.

    Hope this Helps
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