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I have a used blackberry 8700c from Cingular. It had some problems with ist shutting ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Question Blackberry 8700c Shuts Off


    I have a used blackberry 8700c from Cingular. It had some problems with ist shutting off starting a couple days ago. I figured it could be the Operating System. I had 4.5 os on it and didn't know that if the Blackberry couldn't handle it. I used JL_CMDER on it and restored it to the original os I got it in, 4.1. The next day, I was using it to put in some contacts and the device just shut off while I was writing. Then I experience it when I create a new calendar event sometimes and sometimes when I am writing a contact. It doesn't happen every time though. Now it has gotten so bad that when it shuts off and I have to battery pull, I have to wait at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes before I pull the battery. When it has the hourglass, it will shut off before starting up all the way and I have to wait before a battery pull then. Should I just get a new (used) device? It would be probably an ebay device because I don't have much money. I have used JL_CMDER on it a couple times since and there has been no difference in the shutting down.

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    Get a new Berry bro. There's plenty of reasonable ones here in the marketplace,and most stackers here have a good reputation for the most part, so you really wouldn't have to worry about getting jerked. As always-just my opinion! Good luck!
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    I have a Blackberry 8700g that was giving me the same issue with turning off I recently purchased a new battery on ebay and it corrected the problem The battery that I started out with would charge fine but i noticed that the battery was thicker than my older blackberry CS-2 battery in both phones My phone would cut off when the battery depleted to 90% I would suggest getting an extended battery if you do purchase one I have went three days before I have had to charge Extended battery and Battery Door can be found on ebay for 15.00 USD and it comes with a six month warranty and a 30 day money back garuntee If the issue was your phone it would cut off when you use it with it plugged up charging

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    Sometimes updating the OS helps with the issues...
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    I had the same problem with my 8310. I worked out the problem was when I tried to update it I still had the memory card in the phone. To remedy this I had to remove the memory card then save all the content off my memory card. Re-update the phone and then replace the memory card and reformat it. Since then I have had no problems. I hope this helps in ur case.
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