I've seen similar problems to this, but I gotta get some more help: my NEW unlocked Blackberry 8700r is a rogers, but I use cingular on it. The day I got it, there was a Jvm error 535 ->reset... but it didn't reset-- it goes blank and the red light flashes like this: 1,pause, 2, 3, 4. I tried the How to reinstall on this site several times, upgrading and downgrading, and SOMETIMES when it is done putting the OS on, it goes into that SAME MODE with the red light-- never during the installing, just right after it's done.

Problems like this on the threads tend to leave the BB unable to boot, but when I hard reset, it boots fine, but the same thing happens after a time; it varies from 5 minutes to 2 hours when the error will happen.

Before, it always told me it was a 535 error before it went into the mode, but now it just goes there, whether I'm using it or not, whether the battery is in or when it's plugged in (not right away, but within the span I said). I pray that it isn't a hardware issue, because I can't get it exchanged or anything due to some "investigation" of the BB. I've even tried the JDE wipe, but when I do it with a os installed, it says "Abnormal program termination." At this point, when I try to power it up, the 507 error is there, so I try to wipe the BB in the dos prompt, but it just connects, then disconnects.

Any other suggestions???