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Hey Guys, I am a new user and I really need your help. I have ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Hey Guys, I am a new user and I really need your help.

    I have a problem with my BB 8700g as I am being able to receive emails but am not able to send emails and browse the internet at all.

    I have used the same handset before using another service and it worked perfectly. Now with the new provider it is giving me some problems.

    I have downloaded the service book, called the provider several times, made hard reset and soft reset but still no luck.

    Please help me as I need your support

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    I can't really help on this one but by escalating it for someone to help you
    BTW Welcome to pinstack
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
    UNLESS it is for a BETA OS, it's at your own risk and I won't support it

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    Did you just get your data service? With some companies, it takes a full 24hrs for the data service to be fully active; thus internet and the likes won't work, or are not fully functional...

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    Hi saedtotah, if you complete the user profile, we will know stuff like who your service provider is, BES vs. BIS and stuff like that

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