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Hello, I'm a long time viewer but first time poster here. I hate to make ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Battery Question!


    Hello, I'm a long time viewer but first time poster here. I hate to make my first post in regards to a problem I'm having but I'm not sure which route to take in fixing it.

    Last night I used my BB 8700 until the battery was completely drained. I placed it on my cradle charging for the night afterwards. This morning when I woke up my BB was turned off completely while still in the cradle. I tried to turn the BB back on, the screen went to boot and it came to the normal OS screen with all my applications then it gave a warning that my Battery life is low and the hand held will shut off.

    Since then everytime I try to plug in my BB I get a solid red light for a few seconds, then a white screen appears with a large battery with a bolt on it. A few seconds afterwards the screen goes black and the phone acts as if it is shut off.

    I don't know if the phone is charging or not. I have tried to charge it on my cradle, the BB wall charger and via USB.

    On a side note, when I connect my BB to my computer via USB I get a device not recognized warning. Having read that I believe my OS might be corrupt now for some stupid reason.

    So my questions are...

    Is my BB Charging even while it appears to be turned off?
    Do I just need to try to replace the battery?
    Will Reinstalling my OS Wipe my numbers and e-mails from the phone?

    Thanks for any advice that is offered. My phone is very important to me and the information isn't backed up. Yea, stupid me.

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    Re: Battery Question!

    Sounds like it is not charging at all, probably a dead battery. If you replace the battery your bb should boot up just fine. If it continues to have that red light flashing and your pc not recognizing it then you'll probably need to reinstall. But first try another battery. It is the quickest solution to eliminate your variables. And welcome to the stacks.
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    Re: Battery Question!

    well BB usually do charge when they are off they usually have a lightening bolt in the middle of the screen, but it sounds like its not holding a charge i would try giving it one more good charge with the BB wall charger or the USB charger, personally my BB holds a better charge from the USB charger, if you do end up haveing to get a new battery make sure you shop around many of the websites charge way to much ex: 40$ you should be able to get one for 20-30$

    and yes if you do reinstall the OS your will lose all contacts, emails off your phone what you can do is go through your phone book and save all the numbers to SIM and that way you wont lose any, as for the emails the only way to save those is if your made a backup of your BB on your PC but i believe you stated that your BB isn't getting recognized

    good luck and hope everything works out

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    Re: Battery Question!

    First I'd like to thank you guys for the input. It's always appreciated.

    The outcome of it all was this...

    Through out the day I had called about 10 different stores looking for a replacement battery. Nobody carries cell phone batteries here apparently. I don't know if that's just the standard for whatever reason but it still kinda sucks.

    I found myself at a local T-mobile store which happens to be my carrier. They were friendly enough and ended up swapping out my old battery with a fresh battery from a BB Pearl. After the fresh battery was put in, my phone came to life without a hitch. That was a load off. But to make a long story short... Basically my BB 8700 can no longer charge the battery in the phone. I do not have a stand alone charger for my battery so this is unacceptable. After chatting with T-mobile corporate they're going to mail me out a brand new 8700 which will be here by Wed. Since my phone is still under warranty ( which expires next month! )

    At first I was simply thinking the battery I had was fragged so I had ordered 2 replacement batteries earlier that day. Which is fine. I'll have a new phone and 3 good batteries. Really I was just happy to retrieve all of my numbers on the phone. I think I'll go ahead and back everything up this time when I'm done programming the new phone.

    FYI: Before all of this was found out, everytime I plugged my phone into my computer a windows message would pop up saying that the device had malfunctioned. If anyone else is getting this problem along with bad charges or no charges. You may have the same problem I had. Faulty hardware within the phone. Good luck!

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    Re: Battery Question!

    It actually sounds like you have a broken or bent pin inside the mini usb connector on the BB. I have had similar problems with other cell phones that when the pins are bent or dirty they do not charge and the PC will not recognise them since it can not communicate on all the pins. Look carefully at the pins in the mini usb port where you plug in the usb cable to see if they are OK.

    Since the problem started after plugging into the cradle, also check your cradle, if that has an issue it will cause the same problem on the new bb.

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