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hi all. i currently own a 8703e with verizon wireless and i believe my battery ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Battery problem/replacement. ?


    hi all.

    i currently own a 8703e with verizon wireless and i believe my battery life has gone down alot.
    when its fully charged, it drains within a couple of hours. so i think im in need of a replacement.
    does anyone know where i can order a replacement with the fastest shipping ? thanks in advance.

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    Re: Battery problem/replacement. ?

    well your problem could also be that your running apps that are constantly connect to the internet ex: jive IM or you may be leaving your browser open

    but anyway if that isnt the problem i would try, or that is where ive had the most luck, but for the fastest and most inexpensive shipping i would try to find a company that is located in the general area you live

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    Re: Battery problem/replacement. ?

    If you have had your unit less than a year, I would go directly to a corporate Verizon store and talk to them. The battery that comes with the unit is covered under the same 1 year warranty as the unit. Corporate stores are happy to change those out to keep customers happy. Now I have heard of people not being able to get warranty help in corporate stores because of the specialized PDA warranty department they have so not sure how well this will work now that I think about it.


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