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Hello: Could anyone please direct me to setting up multiple signatures on my BB (8700R). ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Auto Signature



    Could anyone please direct me to setting up multiple signatures on my BB (8700R). I've my work (corporate) email signature to go with my work email sent. I also have my Hotmail email set up, and would like to send out personal email via my device, but using a different signature. How do I switch between signatures?

    Also, what's the best way to set up Hotmail, Yahoo... email account on my work BlackBerry? Is it through BlackBerry Internet Services?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Auto Signature

    Easiest way for you to set up Multiple Signatures is to use Auto Text (Options-Auto Text). Call one "Sig1" and type the signature you want. Same for the rest..."Sig2", "Sig3", etc. You can have one for work, one for personal, etc. Then, when you type your email, just type Sig1 (or the one you want) at the end and your signature will display.

    As for Hotmail, Yahoo, etc....if it's a work BB my assumption is you are on a corporate BES. If that is the case your BES admin likely won't allow a POP or IMAP email access via your BB's Browser. Likewise for BIS. If you're on BES, chances are that will be blocked as well. You should verify with your IT BES Admin. The one thing you *can* do is just set up forwarding in your Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. accounts to go to your work address. Just be forewarned, you may get SPAM....

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    Re: Auto Signature

    You can have individual autosigs for each account. For BIS-integrated accounts the autosigs are edited on your carrier's BIS site. You'll have one autosig per integrated account and there's no need to manually switch as they're automatically attached to the account you're sending/replying with.

    You can edit your BES autosig on the BB itself or via Desktop Manager.

    I personally use the autotext approach....

    If work doesn't restrict BIS use then you can add personal accounts via BIS. I'd recommend keeping all personal data off of a company BES-connected BB as nothing on the device is private no matter how the data ended up on the device.
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