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Anyone encounter this issue? The 8700g auto turn off its signal within a range of ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Auto Sig off??


    Anyone encounter this issue? The 8700g auto turn off its signal within a range of enough signal strength, then switch back quickly.

    I wonder this is a location-specific problem, but my friend comes from Singapore also declared this, so guessing if an issue of 8700?!

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    Re: Auto Sig off??

    Yes, not often but from time to time. I've had on both my 8700 and my 7290 before. I've seen it on other phones also. Could be a hitch in the tower of just a temporary missed connection in the control channel traffic. I don't think is an 8700 issue, a BB issue, but one of the problems with cellular usages in general. If is starts happening more and more often then it should be reported to the carrier.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: Auto Sig off??

    also use to happen on my 8700g where the radio would do random power offs. Not sure if that's what u mean.

    Try upgrading OS to App version or better. It hasn't happen to me much since.

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