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Thanks to those who helped and welcomed me. You guys are GREAT. Before asking the ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    Another question (of course)


    Thanks to those who helped and welcomed me. You guys are GREAT. Before asking the same questions that have been asked a few thousand times I did a search and could find nothing.

    I prefer to keep my BB in my pocket as opposed to in a case or holster. I recently ordered a skin for it from Best Skins Ever. I have it on my iPod and you cannot scratch it no matter how hard you try. My question is, is there any disadvantages to carrying it in your pocket (besides scratches, of course). I am worried about losing massive amounts of battery life, overheating and any other problem. Thanks again, in advance, for all your help.


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    Re: Another question (of course)

    The only thing you will loose out on is the cool ability to set an 'in-holster' profiles and ability to put your device to sleep. Oh you might also want to start getting used to pressing 'K' to lock the keys on the device so you don't make any unwanted calls when it's in your pocket. Other than that, with the best skin ever on there, you'll be fine.

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    Re: Another question (of course)

    Yea, naw...... no big issues carrying it in your pocket. I carry mine in my shorts pockets all the time.... I do carry it in a case just incase i should grab it and it fly out of my hands(like it did yesterday).
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    Re: Another question (of course)

    Thats the only way I carry my 8700g. I've had it awhile now. All I ever did to protect it was put a screenguard on it. And I always make sure to put it in my pocket with the screen facing my leg. Just in case I brush against something, the screen is not facing out.

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