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I am having a lot of problems trying to connect my account to email ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    adding email/


    I am having a lot of problems trying to connect my account to email on the blackberry 8703e. Every time I try to add the email address it prompts me for the server name. (Not the outgoing/incoming just what exactly the server name is.) I looked through some old posts but all I can find are outgoing/incoming server names. And I tried calling sbcglobal but they were no help. I tried many different combinations including:,,,,, and a few others. But every time it just says that there is an error and it won't let me add the email account.

    HELP, PLEASE!!!!

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    Re: adding email/

    Try specifying your email address without the password then choose the option to configure setup yourself. Then you can specify the SMTP and POP servers. The email account should be set up as a POP account IIRC so I'm not sure why it's asking for a server unless BIS is just mistaken.

    Can you hit printscreen from your PC and post a screenshot of what you're running into (be sure to mask your personal info).

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    Re: adding email/

    I have an address as well. It seems to cause problems no matter what. The only way I could get it to work at all on my computer is to set up the email account on outlook express, and then install outlook, and import my settings to outlook. at that point, setting up my bb mail was no problem. SBC is gone.....and at&t has changed stuff. Right now I have it working with, and, but I had to set it up as I described above. I set up my bb mail through my TMO web site, and that worked fine. Doesn"t make a lot os sense, but I hope that helps.

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