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The 8700v I have is unlocked, so shouldn't need the f

Orange were utterly useless and didn't understand what a Blackberry Data Plan was!

I called O2 who were surprisingly helpful! £12.77 + vat per month for unlimited data (no voice), else you have to have a voice plan at £29.79 plus data at £2.86 per mb.
In theory it should work, but i was just throwing caution to the wind, cos i know the tmobile 7100t unlocked wouldnt work on my O2 tariff. Thats all...

Anyway you are right, O2 are the most supportive on BB. No question. From an O2 store you can get a voice plan with unlimited data for £30 all in. O2 offer two unlimited plans, plus one pay per mb plan.

Did you take the O2 tariff?