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OK - I have a sync problem. Not exactly sure when it happened but recently ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    8703e Sync Problem


    OK - I have a sync problem. Not exactly sure when it happened but recently around the DST patch.

    I an do a backup and reconcile messages but when i check the "synchronize organizer data" it starst and then

    1."New configuration file found" shows up in a pop up window
    2. Then another pop up window titled "Microsoft C++ Runtime Library" and inside the pop up it says "Runtime Error Program files\Research in motion\blackberry\desktop mgr" Abnormal program termination.
    3. When I click OK. the pop up windows close and Desktip manager closes (but Blackberry device manager stays active". and then Outlook becomes unresponsive and has to be closed and restarted.
    4. Some of the other posts suggest one of the calendar (or other databases are corrupted) but this has always worked in the past. I can not even access "config sync" without getting the same errors above.
    5. Some other posts talk about looking at the intellisync log which I have found and shows 3 entries

    Wed Mar 21 14:21:55 2007: Error CoCreateInstance - failed on IID_IConnectorManager.4151 at D:\TEMPDIR_5154\se_5x_engine\ilsdk\callback.cpp line 2331
    Wed Mar 21 14:21:55 2007: Error C:\DOCUME~1\my_name\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Int ellisync\B401C8D1.CFG\tables.itb could not be read.9 at D:\TEMPDIR_5154\se_5x_engine\iluptbl\iluptbl.cpp line 829
    Wed Mar 21 14:21:55 2007: Error Failure to add CLSID to Archive - {0282937D-1AAC-4A82-AA95-9E18E0301653}.9 at D:\TEMPDIR_5154\se_5x_engine\iluptbl\iluptbl.cpp line 240

    6.Odd thing to me is the reference to the "D" drive which i do not have on my pc.
    7. I have done a complete removal of desktop manager and reinstalled (twice)
    8. I am running DM (Jan 16, 2007)
    9 Device is 8703e on VZW with

    Any thoughts or suggestions.

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    Re: 8703e Sync Problem

    i also have an 8703 sync problem.

    i recently upgraded to desktop software version 4.2. now, whenever I delete an event on my calendar in outlook and then sync, the sync fails. any clues as to why/solution?


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    Re: 8703e Sync Problem

    I just recently came across that problem as well and it has to do with a calander event that has attachments. You will have to remove the attachments from the event in order to syncronize. It is a known problem and i was able to find it on BB website.

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