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    8703e replaced - now with 4.2-no themes



    I had an 8703e (verizon) for a long time and all was well. I am pretty sure that it ran a version of 4.1. Then it broke. MIS replaced it with a machine running Some things I really like on the new OS, but I can not seem to get themes on it. On my desktop I can navigate to pinstack and then click "downloads" and then go to themes and get at least a couple of basics (HELLO - WAVE LIST!!) but when I go there on the bbry, I get some other page. Trying to put the url in directly gets me a 404. Those themes I can download (on the desktop) I try emailing to myself with no luck. With pix and mp3s I can email them to my gmail account and surf there via html and get them that way.

    I can not help but think this is the (evil) verizon trying to make me go buy free stuff from them.

    Oh, and when I try to install the desktop software on my PC, I get an error about 1254.hmikkleson is not a valid short file name.

    Themes I have tried to get on there various ways are both .jad and .cod files. I got one to load (bb dimension- today) but it will not activate. Plazmic reader is installed.

    Anyone? If I did not have the zen theme pre-installed I would have whipped this thing in to a brick wall by now.

    Thanks in advance,

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    U will have to face the music that 4.2 can't support theme from 4.1. My bb came with the 4.2 OS. But after reading frm pinstack, I got curious and downgraded to 4.1. I was amazed by the amount of them installed, vodaphone theme, O2 theme etc.. Tot I could live with the 4.1 after all. But as time goes, I found that 4.1 have some flaws.. Not able to attach file to emai, not able to put photo in address book and not able to transfer file using BT and also thru the media manager.. Now I am using the 4.2 again.. Guess nothing is perfect in this world.
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    I just upgraded to 4.2 and was disappointed in the lack of themes as well. So I went a googling and found this nifty site. All you need is the desktop manager software and it will install the plazmic theme reader as well.
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