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i have a 8700v and i have setup with blackberry through o2 but i need ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    8700v help needed


    i have a 8700v and i have setup with blackberry through o2 but i need to set up the phone all i keep getting data connection refused this is doing my head in is there anyone who could help me set up this phone it might as well be a normal mobile as i cnt do anything else with it

    please help someone as i am a bit thick in trying to sort this out

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    petermca9, Welcome to PinStack.

    Do you have a Blackberry Data Plan associated with your BB through o2? Has the plan been properly activated? Have you tried going to Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table menu and selecting Register Now?

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    Hi petermca9 and welcome to PinStack. I am with o2 and happy to help if I can. Your device is shown as an 8700v. Has this been unlocked because this is a Vodafone model originally. Additionally, what does your screen say in the top right corner. It needs to say GPRS in caps for you to have full service. Also, with a PAYG SIM card, all you will get is voice and SMS. No WAP or email. Ther is no way around this. Let us know how you get on with Rcbjr's questions.

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