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Hi all, Earlier a guy in the 8310 forum asked: "Since I'd changed my BB ... RIM Blackberry 87xx forum

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    8700g not displaying name of caller when BB locked


    Hi all,

    Earlier a guy in the 8310 forum asked:

    "Since I'd changed my BB with the new Curve 8310 no names appear on my display when I receive a call (from an address book contact). sometimes the names appear (I set up also different ringtones for contacts) but I'm still not sure if this is caused by the holster or by the locking procedure. "

    I have the same problem on the 8700g, the name of the caller does not display the the BB is locked, unless the caller has been one of the last 10-20 people I myself called!!

    Now Ozzidog had a solution for the 8310 users;

    Quote Originally Posted by OzzieDog View Post
    If your phone is locked and "Content Protection" is enabled to "include address book" = Yes. Then the only thing that shows is the number calling. If you want to disable the option for address book, click
    Security Options
    General Settings
    "Include Address Book=NO"
    Hope this helps.

    this solution did not work on the 8700g, but it seemed very logical.

    I hope someone got a solution to this!

    I've been spoiled by my phones telling me who's calling over the last few years and this is like going back in time

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